Booker Hill Farm ca. 1950 (front view)



This probably 17th century (possibly earlier) farmhouse was in the area now occupied by Graham Drive.

We are grateful to Bob Pearce for providing this photo



Booker Meadow (front)


Booker Meadow was near The Squirrel, approximately where The Coppice now is. It was well known locally for the wild daffodils that grew in the garden.


We are grateful to Eric & Wendy Pearce for providing this photo

Booker Farm






Booker (Smith’s) Farm stood just below The Squirrel. It was demolished to make way for the development of the Barbers Wood area.

We are grateful to Bob Mead for this photo.

Sherwood & Crook





The Sherwood & Crook chairmaking factory was by Silvey’s Hill on bridle way between The Squirrel and Booker Common.

The picture shows the wagon loaded ready to be taken to London by James Crook (far left)

Silvey’s Hill







The Sherwood and Crook factory can be seen in the background (left)

Booker Brickworks (early 1900s)






The brickworks lay between Limmer Lane and Gibson Road. The cottages in the background were known as Brickfield Cottages (now in Gibson Road)